Frustrated moms, dead-beat dads

Frustrated moms, dead-beat dads

I was disappointed that the Monitor didn't cover or comment on the television show ''Abandoned and Deceived,'' presented March 20th on ABC. With the prevalent problem of nonpaying, noncustodial parents, I am at a loss for the lack of coverage of this movie inspired by the life of Geraldine Jensen, the founder of the Association for Children and Enforcement of Support (ACES), a nonprofit national association dedicated to providing self-help information and advocacy for improved child-support enforcement.

I have been waiting 5-1/2 years for the state to do something about my ex-husband's refusal to pay monthly support and back support now totaling $76,000. I have just heard about and joined ACES.

More women need to know about ACES. Coverage of this organization might have informed many frustrated, discouraged women.

Kathleen C. Hodges, Barrington, N.J.

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