Antitrust Laws Are a Bedrock of Competition

Despite the 100-year record of antitrust laws promoting entrepreneurial activity, holding down industry concentration, and compelling price competition, the author of the opinion-page article ''Antitrust Laws Need Regulatory Reform,'' March 24, seeks to gut these laws because he disagrees with a particular case. He points out that industry concentration has not grown in the last 25 years. Has he considered that such has not happened because of antitrust enforcement? He decries efforts to stop Microsoft's monopolistic practices, but fails to note that the breakup of AT&T by the Justice Department led to eight healthy companies (whose creative energy is ensuring the United States' technological lead), instead of one monopoly with no incentive to innovate.

The Sherman Act is a bedrock of our free institutions. It has helped ensure a climate of commercial innovation, competitive prices for consumers, and fairness for all.

Charles G. Brown, Alexandria, Va.

Former chair Antitrust Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General

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