A Small Proof Of God's Abundance

ECONOMIC reports often suggest that one group has to be deprived in order for another to have its needs met. There just doesn't seem to be enough money, food, land, and other resources to go around. If we are willing to look beyond matter, however, which is inherently limited, and consider our spiritual resources, we find a dependable and unlimited source of supply available to all.

Christ Jesus clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of relying on God--our infinite, spiritual resource--to meet all our needs. God is Spirit, and His creation, man, is spiritual, not material. This means that we're not limited to matter, and not supplied by matter. This is why Jesus was able to put aside all material considerations and consistently heal the sick. Understanding spiritual reality and abundance allowed him to defy material beliefs by walking on the water and by feeding over five thousand people with, as Matthew's Gospel reports, ''but five loaves, and two fishes'' (14:17). Christ Jesus proved man's real resources are both spiritual and unlimited. His works made it clear that there is enough for everyone in the infinite goodness of God.

One summer a family I know had the opportunity to prove how practical spiritual supply really is. The parents' efforts to get some new career activities underway were putting large demands on the family's financial resources. Yet they also, naturally, wanted to be sure their children had what they needed, as well. Their son had need of a bicycle. A new bike, however, seemed beyond their means. Each week the family tried to put aside a little money for a bicycle. But after several weeks they had managed to save only $15. The family was very grateful that their basic needs were always provided for, but the youngster didn't see how they'd ever save enough for his bike at that rate.

The mother realized that what she really needed was to gain a better understanding of true, spiritual supply. As she prayed, she considered the unlimited goodness of God that Jesus' works had given proof of. She remembered a number of accounts in the Old Testament of the Bible about people's needs being met in unexpected ways.

Soon she realized the family's needs were not really supplied by money at all. The family's true source of supply was the unlimited abundance of God's love. Each individual in the family was already individually provided for in the infinitude of Love. No one would have to go without what he or she legitimately needed.

In her Miscellaneous Writings, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of this newspaper, points out: ''God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies'' (p. 307). The woman was confident that she had received a good spiritual idea and knew it would provide for each member of the family. That Friday she and the children decided to look for a bike at the garage sales in town.

They stopped at several sales, but didn't find any bikes at all. Unable to locate any other garage sales, she parked the car and prayed. The unlimited goodness of God flooded her consciousness. She was sure, even though she didn't have any evidence of it at that moment, something good was going to happen.

With renewed confidence, they set off again. She felt impelled to drive to the corner and turn to the left. She drove two more blocks in the same direction, and they spotted a garage sale with several bicycles. Most notably, one of them was a black bike with red trim of the exact style and size the boy had hoped for. The owners gladly accepted her offer of $15. With deep gratitude the family rejoiced. They had begun to prove in a small way that there is plenty for everyone in the spiritual realm.


Your Father knoweth

what things ye have need of,

before ye ask him.

Matthew 6:8

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