Discussing Prejudices Offers Hope for the Future

The opinion-page article ``In Search of Honesty on Race,'' Feb. 27, touched a chord in me.

As a young African-American I understood all too well the author's story.

As the article notes, the most discouraging and painful blow comes when it is someone you have grown to respect, and he or she makes that one off-color joke.

But sometimes such situations are not completely bad. They may offer the opportunity to openly discuss any prejudices.

The most we can wish for is dialogue, because with dialogue will come understanding and knowledge, the two greatest enemies of prejudice. Perhaps therein lies the hope of which the author speaks. Arica N. Young, Arlington, Va. IBM's new dress code: a mistake?

The letter ``New Dress Code Long Overdue,'' Feb. 27, is in itself ``misplaced.''

The original article ``Dressing Down in Corporate America: Is It Progress?'' Feb. 16, is an excellent reason why IBM employees should continue the ``blue suit, crisp white shirt, and wing tip'' look.

Professionally dressed IBM employees demand respect, forcefully represent their company, and impressively demonstrate that they care enough about their customers and products to wear and look their very best. The image is powerfully significant.

IBM should seriously rethink its decision, because there is a lot more weighing on it than may be realized. Amy Hansen, Rexburg, Idaho

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