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Affront to Blacks Still Flies in South Carolina

SOUTH Carolina leaders still insist on flying the Confederate battle flag over the state Capitol at Columbia, no matter how much this symbol of slavery times affronts black people.

The South Carolina attorney general recently asked the state Supreme Court to dismiss a lawsuit demanding removal of the flag.

The suit was filed by business and civic leaders who say the defiant gesture hurts Columbia's economic growth because it conveys a message of white supremacy.

South Carolina legislators repeatedly have voted to retain the rebel flag. Evidently they don't care if they hurt the feelings of black citizens and visitors.

On the eve of the 21st century, in a democracy pledged to equality, their stand is dismaying.

Human slavery was a great evil. Why should a state capitol proudly fly the banner of that era?

Other Americans should shun South Carolina until it adopts modern values.

*The Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette

Iran will dish out fines

THE use of satellite dishes in Iran will be outlawed as of April after the government passed a bill which stated that they spread satanic influences of Western culture. Owners of satellite dishes will have to hand them over to officials or run the risk of fines of up to $740. Opponents of the law aren't complaining so much about a lack of freedom but rather about having to listen to the hideously boring [state] programs.

The government should realize that, as was the case with communism, it is impossible to banish all outside influences.

*La Nacion, Buenos Aires

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