Clinton removes nuclear material from stockpiles

PRESIDENT Clinton is ordering that 200 tons of radioactive material -- ''enough for thousands of nuclear weapons'' -- be permanently withdrawn from United States nuclear stockpiles.

In a speech Wednesday, Mr. Clinton said the United States has no international goal more important than continuing its decades-long struggle to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He also said the move is to further demonstrate US commitment to the goals of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

''It will never be used again to build a nuclear weapon,'' Clinton said. Clinton also portrayed foreign policy differences with the Republican majority in Congress as a struggle between those who want to continue US leadership and ''those who advocate a new American isolationism.''

''The new isolationists are wrong,'' Clinton told a forum in Washington sponsored by the Nixon Center for Peace and Freedom.

Senate majority leader Bob Dole criticized the president for ''misguided devotion'' to Russia.

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