Bonspiel: A multi-event competition.

Burned rock: A moving stone touched by sweepers on your own team. The stone is immediately disqualified.

Button: The center circle immediately surrounding the tee, a metal marker that is the exact center of the target. The rocks closest to the tee score points.

Chip: To hit another stone lightly.

Curl: Movement of a stone created by twisting its handle.

Draw: To play softly to a spot inside the circles; also, the path of a stone.

Hack: A rubber block used by the player to shove off from as he glides his stone toward the tee.

Hog Lines: The two lines at either end of the sheet, each 33 feet in front of the hacks. A player may not slide past this line during delivery. To be in play, a stone must pass the hog line at the far end of the sheet, 105 feet from the hack.

House: The four circles that surround the tee.

Off the broom: An off-course stone; an on-course stone is 'on the broom.'

Rink: A team of four; also the building in which the game is played.

Sheet: Area of ice where the game is played.

Shot: Stone nearest the tee.

Stone: A 40-pound granite disk with a handle; all are made in Scotland.

Skip: Team captain.

Soop: To sweep.

Wick: A stone striking the edge of another stone.

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