The Crumbling of True `Americanism'

What a touching report by the author of the opinion-page article ``Diversity - or Divisiveness?'' Jan. 30.

Families from immigrant backgrounds have every right to cherish their ethnic origins within their private family setting. But to insist that ethnic designations should color school and business decisions, and to demand special treatment because of a person's cultural history, has caused a tragic condition in our society today: a deterioration of true ``Americanism.''

I pray that our country's political, social, and religious climate will encourage a return to the goals of true Americanism, without reference to race, color, creed, or ethnic background. Marjorie F.M. Jordan, Idyllwild, Calif. Preserving peace on campus

Thank you for the article ``Gandhi Grandson Pursues Peace,'' Feb. 1. Two years ago, I invited Arun Gandhi to speak at Northeast Missouri State University. Since then, our campus has enjoyed a three-day, student-sponsored conference on nonviolence; a program on peace presented by members of our local commune; and a visit from Joseph McNeil, one of four African-American college students who sparked sit-ins across the South in 1960 with their own peaceful protest in Greensboro, N.C.

Mr. Gandhi's lecture certainly impressed our community. Most of all, he challenged us to end violence great and small by starting at the source - ourselves. Christopher W. Gregory, Kirksville, Mo. Professor of English Northeast Missouri State University

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