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Soap Opera Awards (NBC, 9-11 p.m., EST): Afternoon soaps have long since become big-time TV, but when they want maximum visibility, they still go prime-time.

Soaps put their own twist on the awards-show genre. Unlike the Oscars and Emmies, the winners are chosen by viewers through a mail-in ballot that was included on the Nov. 8, 1994, edition of Soap Opera Digest. And the categories are a little different: Outstanding Villain, for instance, and Outstanding Social Issue Storyline.

John Larroquette is the main host for the 11th edition of the event, which has been carried on NBC for six years and was syndicated before that. His cohosts are three soap-opera leading ladies (not so coincidently representing each of the three commercial networks): Kelly Rippa (ABC's ''All My Children''), Victoria Rowell (CBS's ''The Young and the Restless''), and Louise Sorel (NBC's ''Days of Our Lives'').


The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (ABC, 8-10 p.m.): It began with an adaptation of ''The Shaggy Dog'' that aired last November. ''Tennis Shoes'' is the second of four old Disney films that Disney itself is remaking for TV this season, the hope being that adults who saw the originals will watch the new versions with their kids.

Based on the 1969 movie of the same title, this fantasy-comedy stars Kirk Cameron as Dexter, a less-than-brilliant college student who is struck by lightning and becomes an instant genius.

It leads to all kinds of heady events -- including a ''College Knowledge Bowl'' competition -- but also to some outlandish troubles, especially when Dexter lets his new fame go to his head.

This and other scripts took considerable updating, according to the producers. In ''Tennis Shoes,'' for instance, the mystery and even slightly sinister image of computers has long since vanished.

Remakes of ''Freaky Friday'' and ''Escape to Witch Mountain'' will air later this year.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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