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Design your own World League uniform

* You're the country's top sportswear designer and have just gotten a phone call from the World League's front office: Mexico City, Paris, and Tokyo want to join the new American-style football league with teams of their own. But they need uniforms and team names.

Would you come up with a name and design a uniform for one of the teams? And could you do it in time for the World League's opening kickoff April 8?


* Make one or more Xerox copies of this diagram before you begin. That way you can practice first, and you'll get a much-better-looking final product.

* Keep your design fairly simple and bold: Remember, it has to look good from the stands - and on TV.

* Think about the homeKtown fans of the team you're designing for. Can you include something in your design that reflects the culture of the city you've chosen?

* Please tell us something about your design and the name you chose on a separate piece of paper or on the back of your copy.

* Mail your design by March 10 to: World League Uniform Design,

c/o The Christian Science Monitor, Mailstop P214, One Norway Street, Boston, MA 02115.

Important: Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want your design returned.

In early April we'll print a selection of your designs. Thank you!

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