Super Bowl Word Puzzle

* Test your knowledge of the Super Bowl to warm up for the National Football League's 29th so-named championship game (ABC, Sunday, 6 p.m. EST) with this two-stage puzzle. First figure out the answer, then find it in the letter grid below (answers may appear horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). Stumped? Find words in the grid first, then match them to the right clue. (Answers on Page 12.)

1. Coach of the first Super Bowl winner, in 1967.

2. Digital Super Bowl prize.

3. Star passer - and an American state, too.

4. Chuck _ _ _ _ _ _, the Super Bowl's only Most Valuable Player who was on the losing team.

5. Only champion team to represent two cities.

6. Players urged to avoid.

7. State in which first of two northern Super Bowls was played.

8. A new extra-point option.

9. Football tigers that came up short.

10. Quarterback of the only NFL team ever to have a perfect season.

11. A defensive lineman's dream.

12. Overdue_ _ _ _ _, frustrated franchise.

13. Nickname of 1983 Washington Redskins' champion offensive line.

14. Jets beat Colts, Super Bowl III, 1969.

15. Frequent Super Bowl site.

16. They were on the wrong end of the most lopsided Super Bowl loss.

17. _ _ _ _ _ Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers' ``super'' passer.

18. Team color of first four-time Super Bowl loser.

19. Buffalo running back Thurman Thomas couldn't find this at the beginning of Super Bowl XXVI.

20. Former NFL commissioner (1960-89) who launched the Super Bowl.

21. This winner often gets a Gatorade shower.

22. ``The Fridge'' scored a touchdown for this team in 1986.

23. Last New York team to prevail on Super Sunday.

24. Name befitting an early Super Bowl star.

25. Packer motto: ``_ _ _ to daylight.''

26. A commemorative item used in every pregame ceremony.

27. Winning coach whose name rhymes with ``hula.''

28. Dolphins' team color.

29. Coach of Super Bowl-bound San Diego Chargers.

Rating system, based on number of words found and matched to right clue:

25 to 29: You're a walking, talking authority in the wrong line of work

20 to 24: Super Bowl party all-star

15 to 19: A fan, for sure

10 to 14: Casual fan

Below 10: A guesser who needs a lesson.

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