A more realistic view of science

I object to the author's views in the article ``A Sound Method for Forecasting Hurricanes,'' Dec. 20. As a retired engineer, I am presently doing volunteer consulting work in waste-water disposal for an environmental group, trying to save some of our environment from the ravages of overdevelopment.

The author states that there is no substance to the concerns over greenhouse gases. He also disparages the work of Greenpeace. The basis of this news story is the author's interview with one leading atmospheric scientist, William Gray. I have nothing critical to say about Dr. Gray's work; it is widely accepted. However, the author should have included sources from the other side.

I have worked with many scientists who believe that nothing we do in society has any harm to our environment, who rationalize facts, and overlook mountains of data confirming environmental problems.

I am tired of scientists and engineers, and science writers, who put forth the idea that all will be well for ``as long as the sun shines and the rivers flow,'' that no problems exist, and that we may continue in our destructive ways. Charles R. Gahr, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

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