Effects of hormone injections

Thank you for the article ``Michigan Considers Bills to Label Hormone-Free Milk,'' Dec. 12. As State Rep. Ilona Varga (D) of Detroit said in the article, ``This is an important issue and the public has a right to know.''

My biology class was recently discussing this issue. Growth hormones are present in the milk produced by the hormone-injected cow and passed on to whoever drinks it.

These hormones are not broken down by the acid in the human stomach. Since this milk has been on the market for only a few years, we have no idea what effects it might have on the health of consumers.

Hormone injection is becoming steadily more widespread because it is cheaper than just obtaining milk from normal cows.

Consumers have the right to know how this practice affects everyone involved, both cows and humans. Julia Platt, Fremont, Calif.

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