Intelligence for All

WHAT is the real source of man's intelligence? Intelligence is not of human origin and will never be found in the brain. As discerned by the Biblical prophets, intelligent thought is a spiritual quality proceeding from the one divine Mind, God.

Intelligence is native to all men and women as the children of God. And because God, the one infinite, divine Mind, is the source of creative thought, intelligence must be unlimited, abundantly available to all His creation. God, our source of wise and good ideas, is the Father of us all. When we recognize this, we see that our individual ability to express intelligence is not dictated by history, environment, genetic codes, or personal and physical characteristics. Intelligence is not a quality more available to one group than another. Intelligence is an eternal, primal quality of Mind, God, expressed endlessly throughout His infinite creation. Ideas that are good, progressive, wise, and spiritual exist in and of Mind, and flow continuously from their divine source.

An experience I had during college illustrates the importance of identifying ourselves spiritually as the reflection of Mind and then reaching out in prayer to acknowledge the spiritual fact that all men and women are expressions of this same Mind.

I was preparing for a critical midterm examination. At the last minute, I realized I had completely forgotten to review certain notes and information on a major topic that would be covered on the exam. I was paralyzed with fear. But I did have just a few moments to pray. I quickly turned to the Bible and to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. This sentence in Science and Health caught my eye: ``For right reasoning there should be but one fact before the thought, namely, spiritual existence'' (p. 492). Just one fact--spiritual existence! That's all that was needed!

As I walked to the exam I continued to pray. Spiritual ideas flooded into thought, assuring me that because Mind, God, was my Mind, I wasn't separated from any right, necessary, intelligent idea. Throughout that exam, I could barely write fast enough to keep up with the ideas as they flowed into consciousness in perfect order. And when I reached the fourth question, I discovered I could discuss either the material I had not studied or another topic, which I had reviewed. I wasn't surprised at all when I received the highest possible mark for this work.

This experience taught me early in my college days how important it is to acknowledge God as the source of wisdom. Subtly, however, a self-righteous suggestion began to weave its way into my attitude. I found myself watching friends slave and worry over tests and grades, and I smugly thought, ``Too bad they don't know how to pray.'' Then my grades gradually took a downward turn --in spite of my prayers and ongoing conscientious work as a student. For months, I struggled to correct this problem, and even when my best human efforts to find a solution seemed to have failed, I continued to pray.

That summer I attended a conference for young Christian Scientists. A comment made by one of the speakers startled me. He said, as I remember, ``The spiritual truths we ac- knowledge in prayer are filled with power only in proportion as we acknowledge these truths to be governing all mankind.'' When I returned to school, I no longer simply claimed my own unity with Mind while feeling sorry for those who I felt lacked an understanding of their link with their intelligent source. I saw the vital importance of acknowledging that all my friends, professors--indeed all mankind-- are related to the all-loving, all-wise Father-Mother, God, who communicates wisdom, intelligence, and ability to all, through all.

Naturally, this clearer, broader, and more correct spiritual reasoning brought forth an even more expansive understanding of the oneness and allness of Mind. And as a result, my own expression of divine intelligence also improved. I graduated from college with a grade point average that had soared to new heights. Proverbs tells us specifically: ``The Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding'' (2:6). And we all have this God-given wisdom without limitation!

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