Dole Says GOP in Senate Will Stick Close Together

INCOMING Senate majority leader Bob Dole (R) of Kansas is urging his colleagues to thwart any Democratic effort to disrupt the new GOP-led Congress. ``We control the Congress now.... I'm going to ask my colleagues to stick with the leader to table all these efforts by Democrats in the early days to embarrass Republicans,'' he said Sunday on CBS's ``Face the Nation.''

The 1995 session of Congress opens tomorrow with Republicans in the majority in both houses for the first time in 40 years.

The two sides have pledged cooperation in such areas as welfare reform and deficit reduction, but battle lines are being drawn as Republicans prepare to advance action on tax cuts, anti-crime measures, and constitutional amendments on a balanced budget and term limits.

Separately, Sen. Phil Gramm (R) of Texas indicated Sunday that he will formally announce his run for the 1996 Republican presidential nomination on Feb. 23.

Mayor Barry sworn in

FOUR years after being forced from the Washington D.C.'s mayor's office in disgrace, Marion Barry is back, promising to make the nation's capital ``newer and better.... I see myself as a transformer,'' he said during inaugural events Sunday. He was sworn in yesterday at the University of the District of Columbia. During his absence, Barry served six months in prison for a drug conviction, got divorced, won a seat on the city council, and got married for the fourth time. Clinton looks to 1995

PRESIDENT CLINTON, who had a rough year politically in 1994, spent part of New Year's Day Sunday attending a seminar on Hilton Head Island, S.C., called ``Life 101: What I'll do differently in 1995.'' But participants said the president did not speak at the session, although he did spend over an hour chatting with friends afterward.

The seminar was closed to the press, as are all sessions at the Renaissance Weekend, an annual gathering at which prominent Americans gather to discuss public policy and self-improvement.

Clinton, who has attended Renaissance weekends for a decade, usually spends several days at the Hilton Head Island resort on the South Carolina coast, but this year has shortened his trip to just overnight. During his brief visit, he celebrated New Year's with his family, walked on the beach, golfed, and jogged.

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