BOSNIAN CEASE-FIRE HOLDS A cease-fire held across most of Bosnia yesterday as warring Serbs and Muslims negotiated to broaden the truce, UN officials said. But Bosnia's president threatened to break the cease-fire unless Bosnian Serbs stop their allies from attacking government troops in the northwestern enclave of Bihac. The United Nations confirmed that fighting continued in the Bihac area after the cease-fire went into effect Saturday. The first phase of the cease-fire lasts until next Saturday and is meant to give time to work out a comprehensive four-month agreement. Meanwhile, journalists at Yugoslavia's main opposition daily Borba staged a protest occupation at their Belgrade office Sunday after government officials who have taken over the newspaper tried to evict them. US optimistic on pilot

A high-level meeting yesterday with North Korea yielded ``no substantive progress'' toward the release of captive American helicopter pilot Bobby Hall but left US officials optimistic.

``The meeting itself is a positive sign,'' said Jim Coles, a spokesman for the US and UN military in South Korea.

Hijacked plane in France

Five Islamic radicals who hijacked an Air France jetliner from Algiers on Saturday (see photo) were killed yesterday along with the plane's pilot and copilot in Marseilles, France.

In an apparent rescue attempt, French GIGN elite forces stormed the plane as dusk fell on the city. Live television showed a white flash burst from the rear of the plane with sparks flying.

Television reporters said gun shots were also heard as several fire engines rushed to the scene. Live reports claimed many of the remaining 170 hostages had been killed, but the exact number was not known at press time.

College enrollment falls

Tuition increases combined with a shrinking pool of high school graduates has contributed to a slight dip in college enrollments, the American Council on Education says. The declines were less than 1 percentage point in most states, the council said in a report yesterday, while increases also were minimal in states reporting enrollment growth. The council said the year-to-year rate of decline appears to be slowing.

Mexican volcano calming

A rumbling volcano overlooking Mexico City Sunday showed signs of calming down, but authorities said it was too soon to send home more than 50,000 people taking refuge in emergency shelters.

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