187's Vigilante `Enforcers'

These reports came in on hotlines operated by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Los Angeles; Alameda Legal Aid; the Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Services of the Bay Area; and California Rural Legal Assistance.

Oxnard: A McDonald's employee requested immigration documents before allowing a customer to purchase food.

Stanislaus County: The owner of a hotel called the police when a US citizen of Mexican descent refused to show a green card while registering for a room.

San Francisco: An employee of the United Parcel Service told a Latino man that he need not apply for a Christmas job because he was from Mexico. The employee did not check for his work authorization or immigration status before turning him away.

Manteca: Police stopped two young women who are permanent legal residents for jaywalking, contacted the Immigration and Naturalization Service, took them 14 miles to Stockton, and released them only when the INS confirmed their legal status.

Garden Grove: Employees at a large office-supply store stopped a Latino man who is a US citizen at the door, frisked him, and explained that they were searching everyone who wore a jacket because of a high incidence of robberies. The man waited outside for an hour and a half and watched many people leaving the store wearing jackets without being frisked.

Palm Springs: A pharmacy demanded immigration documents from a customer and refused to fill a prescription.

Glendale: A dental clinic asked for documents from a mother before providing service to her child.

Los Angeles and San Francisco: Documented and undocumented pregnant women (some eight months pregnant) are afraid to go to a doctor for prenatal care.

Santa Paula: A customer at a restaurant told the cook behind the counter that he wanted to see his green card. The customer said, ``It's a citizen's duty to kick out illegals.''

Los Angeles: A Metro Transit Authority bus driver yelled at passengers and said they can no longer speak Armenian or Spanish on the bus.

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