An occasional update of music releases

BLUES/JAZZ. Buddy Guy - Slippin' In (Silvertone): Midway through. ``Slippin' In,'' two-time Grammy-winner Buddy Guy turns up the heat and achieves the over-the-top quality for which his live performances are famous. The rambunctious reading of Lowell Fulson's ``Lover With a Feeling'' illustrates Guy's artistry: Although he reveres his teachers and predecessors, Guy is governed by a wilder muse. He makes any song utterly his own. His nuanced vocals - expressing layers of confidence, wonder, and desperation -

is echoed by a careening tour of the guitar's fret board. While ``Slippin' In'' is not the definitive Buddy Guy recording, it is an entertaining disc of covers and several originals, punctuated with the brilliance of Guy's live shows.

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