Less Government, More Responsibility

In the opinion-page article `` '94 Election Reflects Postindustrial Era,'' Dec. 2, the author explains the causes of support for the ``Contract With America'' in the first two sentences: ``Republicans won big victories in last month's elections on the basis of an unusually coherent ideological appeal. From Massachusetts to Washington State, GOP candidates called for less government... .''

Republicans traditionally have had problems explaining their proposals, because the Democrats have, until now, been able to sell the idea that the federal government must solve our complex problems.

Millions of small businesses have proven that the best solutions are those made closest to the problem. As a consequence, more and more communities are learning to take back both the responsibility for solutions and the tax money taken from them by the federal government to fund macro-solutions.

If large companies can learn (as they have) that assembly-line workers are competent to solve assembly problems, can't we hope that large government will see the logic in letting local people solve local problems? Floyd E. Weymouth, Piney Flats, Tenn.

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