A weekly update of video releases. Dates in paratheses indicate a previous review in the Monitor.

* MAVERICK - (PG, Warner Home Video). In pursuit of the entrance fee to the ``poker game of the century,'' Mel Gibson takes on the title role of the 1950s TV hero and charms his way across the Wild West. Spirited performances by Gibson, Jodie Foster, and James Garner (television's original Bret Maverick) carry the film. While not above a little slapstick, the story moves quickly, and it's all in good-humored fun. Maverick's gunfights are bloodless. And the old Hollywood portrayal of American Indians is satirized by giving modern-day language and sensibilities to Maverick's native American friend, who outsmarts a white man. Viewers will find that their TV-influenced vision of frontier lawlessness as a charming society remains intact. (May 20, 1994)

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