Brown's Political Eye Glints At Talk of Clinton Campaign


COMMERCE Secretary and former Democratic Party chairman Ron Brown claims he has no plans to leave his post to run President Clinton's reelection campaign, but he sure doesn't sound like a man who intends to pore over trade agreements and stay out of the political fray.

At a Monitor breakfast yesterday, Mr. Brown spoke like a campaign manager in waiting:

On the Republican Contract With America: ``We're not going to stand by and let a lot of phony numbers drive this economy into a tailspin.''

On House Speaker-to-be Newt Gingrich (R) of Georgia: ``If past is prologue, you can expect a lot of things that will alarm a lot of people in this country.''

On Clinton's response to Republican calls for tax relief and other measures that Congressman Gingrich says will generate positive ``voter results'' by the 1996 election: ``The difference is, our proposals are going to be responsible.''

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