FRANCE ASKS FOR BOSNIA PULLOUT France said yesterday it had asked the United Nations and NATO to make detailed plans to withdraw peacekeepers from Bosnia because international mediation efforts had reached a dead end. ``The decision which we are being forced into will mean war, more unhappiness, and more suffering,'' Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said. UN officials are currently discussing the withdrawal of half of the 1,200 poorly equipped and undersupplied Bangladeshi peacekeepers trapped by vicious fighting in northwest Bosnia. The plan, reported yesterday by UN sources, illustrates the inability of the UN to protect or even adequately feed some of its soldiers. Greenspan warning

The economy's robust growth hasn't yet translated into increased consumer-price inflation, but it may soon, Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan warned yesterday. He noted that even though consumer-price inflation, at a 2.6 percent rate during the first 10 months of 1994, hasn't changed much from last year, price pressures were evident earlier in the production process. Clinton takes on critics

Warming up for battles with the new GOP Congress, President Clinton says he's ready to cut deeper into the deficit and federal bureaucracy but eager to make clear that he started the efforts Republicans claim as their top priorities. Clinton, speaking to a Democratic Leadership Council gala Tuesday night, also had some blunt words of advice for his own party, particularly those in the centrist organization who have criticized his administration.

Orange county bankruptcy

Orange County is an affluent bastion of California conservatism, home of Disneyland, birthplace of Richard Nixon - and now the largest local government to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Battered by disastrous losses to its multibillion-dollar investment fund, the county sought protection from its creditors Tuesday after brokerages cut off credit.

Abortion clinic sentence

The two death sentences given to the killer of an abortion doctor will do little to stop anti-abortion violence, say activists on both sides of the issue. Paul Hill was sentenced Tuesday to die in Florida's electric chair for the July 29 shotgun killings of Dr. John Bayard Britton and escort James Barrett outside a Pensacola abortion clinic.

California deadlock

Democrat Willie Brown has another month to boost support for his effort to win reelection to the Assembly Speaker's post. Mr. Brown and Republican leader Jim Brulte agreed Tuesday to postpone a second vote on their battle for the post until Jan. 4. The Assembly, with a GOP majority of two, deadlocked Monday in choosing between Brown and Brulte. USDA office closings

The Department of Agriculture plans to close 1,070 local offices across the United States as part of a larger streamlining effort that could trim the USDA payroll by 11,000 people and save $3.6 billion over five years.

Quayle still undecided

Dan Quayle says he'll decide early next year whether to run for president in 1996. He spoke as he was released from Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis Tuesday, after treatment for what doctors diagnosed as blood clots in his lungs.

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