NATO, BOSNIA DISPUTES DOMINATE CSCE Boris Yeltsin warned of global divisions yesterday as a new rift between the United States and Russia overshadowed a 53-nation meeting seeking to end the Bosnian war and other European conflicts. NATO's plans to expand east toward Russia's border threaten the peace that emerged between East and West after the cold war, the Russian president told the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. President Clinton, meanwhile, hailed steps to end nuclear confrontation shortly before he and the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus enacted the first of two Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties the US signed with the former Soviet Union. Clinton urged the Bosnian Serbs to renew negotiations to end the Bosnian war and warned world leaders to learn the lessons of the Balkan violence. Bentsen may resign

US Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen is expected to resign soon, administration sources said yesterday. The sources, who declined to be identified, said that Mr. Bentsen has apparently been toying with the idea for months. His resignation would be a major blow to the Clinton administration as it struggles to cope with the incoming Republican-controlled Congress.

Home sales rise

New home sales rose 1.3 percent in October, the fourth straight advance as home buyers ignored the higher costs of financing. Sales would have been even stronger except for a double-digit decline in the Northeast. They rose in the Midwest, South, and West. The Commerce Department said sales totaled 726,000 at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, highest since 817,000 last December.

Albania Cabinet shuffle

Albanian President Sali Berisha, stung by voter rejection of his proposed constitution, is replacing 10 of 19 ministers in the Albanian government. He kept Prime Minister Aleksander Meksi, and the defense and foreign ministers.

Sailors beware

The Southern Ocean has lived up to its reputation as a perilous place for BOC Around the World sailors. Last Friday, gale-force winds snapped the mast of Isabelle Autissier's boat. She is now sailing with a makeshift rig. On Saturday, American Steve Pettengill suffered rig damage as well. He was able to repair his problems and sail on. On Monday all the sailors faced 40-to-50 knots of wind.

Britain's bullish bears

Britain's economy must be looking up: Harrods has sold out of Christmas teddy bears. The upmarket London department store has sold 22,000 teddies at $31.25 each more than twice as many as at the same time last year, the Independent newspaper said yesterday.

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