In this, the National Football League's 75th anniversary season, test your knowledge:

1. In 1920, the NFL was hatched in a city that now hosts the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

a) Decatur, Ill.

b) Hammond, Ind.

c) Canton, Ohio

2. Only one team in history has ever won three consecutive league titles, although it did so before there were playoffs.

a) Green Bay Packers

b) New York Giants

c) Chicago Bears

3. The league's first playoff game, in 1932, was played indoors because of bitterly cold weather in what city?

a) Duluth, Minn.

b) Chicago

c) Buffalo, N.Y.

4. The annual player draft, with teams selecting in inverse order of their final standings, was adopted in:

a) 1936

b) 1950

c) 1961

5. The first player ever selected in the college draft was a University of Chicago halfback who was the original Heisman Trophy winner.

a) Walter Payton

b) Sid Luckman

c) Jay Berwanger

6. Which former Supreme Court justice - and rookie Pittsburgh Pirate (yes, Pirate) halfback - led the NFL in rushing in 1938?

a) Thurgood Marshall

b) Byron (Whizzer) White

c) Earl Warren

7. The most lopsided win in league history saw the Chicago Bears defeat the Washington Redskins in the 1940 title game by what score?

a) 57-6

b) 64-3

c) 73-0

8. In 1943, this player led the league in passing, punting, and interceptions.

a) Sammy Baugh

b) Bobby Layne

c) Norm Van Brocklin

9. True or false: A year before Jackie Robinson's 1947 integration of baseball, four black players entered the NFL.

10. The NFL's greatest free-agent acquisition was made with an 80-cent phone call in 1955. The player was:

a) Johnny Unitas

b) Roger Staubach

c) Jim Brown

Answers: 1-c; 2-a; 3-b; 4-a; 5-c; 6-b; 7-c; 8-a; 9-True; 10-a.

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