Promoting Racism Adds to Divisiveness

The opinion-page article ``What's Black and White and Divided All Over?'' Nov. 25, is an all-out promotion of racism. By encouraging minorities to see racism as a hidden agenda of the American voter and of the Republican Party, the author has widened the gulf of mistrust and fostered more ill feeling.

Regardless of what the public is clamoring for (either law and order, or crackdown on illegal immigration), the author's reasoning that he can ``read between the lines'' is self-serving. How does one know what another individual is ``picturing'' when he is voting? He demeans the average voter by insinuating that the voter is either a fool or a racist. The press must take its share of responsibility for fostering the division and growing separation of race in the United States. Mary B. Allen, Sonora, Calif.

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