Leave US troops out of Bosnia

After reading the opinion-page article ``Doing What's Right in Bosnia,'' Nov. 10, I felt compelled to correct the faulty belief that aiding the Bosnian Muslims is the ``right thing to do.'' Ethnic tension between Muslims and Serbs in the Balkans has occurred since Suleyman the Magnificent ruled (1600s). So why now push for military intervention? The only ``wise'' thing to do is contain the war to let both sides release some of that ``ethnic tension.''

As for war crimes, all wars are horrendous, for both sides. And anyone who feels strongly enough about this is free to enlist on the ``Good Muslim'' side and fight the ``Evil Serbs'' themselves. But to suggest using US troops to fight on any side in Bosnia is preposterous. Unlike war with Iraq, Bosnia is not a playground for the Air Force and would cost too many lives, as it already has. Not one US soldier's life is worth it. Increasing war in order to stop it is not very wise at all - war is a crime. Tomas Andres Perez, Austin, Texas

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