A weekly update of film releases

* JUNIOR - Comedy about a scientist and a physician who can't wait to market a new medication for pregnant women. To obtain the data needed for approval of their product, they impregnate the he-manly scientist with a stolen embryo, and he likes the idea of ``motherhood'' so much that he decides to carry on the enterprise by giving birth. Ivan Reitman's movie can be seen as macho propaganda, suggesting that men will make dandy moms as soon as technology lets them take over the job. It can also be seen as a progressive statement, viewing parenthood as a calling that transcends mere gender. But most of the farce is more foolish than philosophical; the main source of amusement is watching Arnold Schwarzenegger steal the show from Danny DeVito, only to have Emma Thompson purloin it from both of them. (Rated PG-13)

* THE PAGEMASTER - Conked on the head in a library, a boy learns the spirit of adventure from a book-inspired dream that introduces him to characters ranging from Long John Silver to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; he also meets whimsical figures who embody great literary themes, and they guide him to a happy ending. Framed by live-action scenes, this animated feature is more thoughtful than most, and Macaulay Culkin is well served by his transformation into a `toon. Joe Johnston directed the live action, and Maurice Hunt directed the animation. (Rated G)

* STAR TREK GENERATIONS - Captain Kirk meets Captain Picard, and the two commanders of the Starship Enterprise vanquish an evil alien. It's fun to watch old favorites like Scotty and Chekov rub elbows with newer arrivals to Trekkie territory, especially the android Data, who gets into trouble when an ``emotion chip'' allows him to have feelings for the first time. The time-traveling story is disjointed and sometimes hard to follow, though, and the action scenes aren't very original. What's best are the quiet, human moments that have always been the strongest suit of the series. David Carson directed. (Rated PG)

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