Turned off by sensational news

In a long conversation recently with a news director at a Washington television station, I had explained my disgust with the TV news coverage, arguing that I felt they were taking the easy way out by overreporting the sensational rather than seeking out the upbeat news for some balance (``Demanding a Better Press,'' Nov. 3). They are blowing the violence and tragedy out of proportion.

I also pointed out that I was speaking not only for myself but for my family, friends, and fellow workers. We are turning off the news in disgust. I was told that we did not represent the viewing public and that it was up to the news media to decide what is news. I was shocked and appalled by his attitude and demeanor.

As the author states: ``Some editors and TV news directors argue that they are simply meeting an insatiable public demand...'' I say, stop insulting us. Harriet C. Maloney, Bluemont, Va.

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