Soccer-Ball Dreams

Aidy (pronounced aye-dee) is driven to school each morning by his uncle. Most of his friends walk to a school within 10 minutes of their home, but he attends a private school and has to make it through morning traffic. The trip takes 20 minutes.

His day begins with math class at 9, followed by an hour of French, an hour of drawing, and then his favorite time of the day -

lunch. It's a time to talk to friends. At 4:30, his uncle picks him up.

In Arnaud's neighborhood, the Jardin des Plantes is a favorite destination after school. Its zoo celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, and claims to be the oldest in the world.

Children are often enrolled in after-school sports clubs, but the goal of boys in this neighborhood is to own their own soccer ball, like Paulo, who just turned 15. When he is not working in the family bakery after school, he brings a ball to the Arenes de Lutece, restored Roman ruins near the bakery, to play with friends.

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