Californians Bear the Brunt of Illegal Aliens

In the opinion-page essay ``Denying Immigrants Help Is Not the Answer,'' Oct. 26, the author describes illegal immigrants as ``among the most courageous men alive'' and follows with other glowing descriptions. Although no doubt often true, this implies that the indigent, the sociopath, and the medically needy have not joined this human flood.

The article lauds the fact that many of these illegal immigrants send much of their earnings back to Mexico. Legal citizens of California largely spend their earnings in the state, which contributes to the livelihoods of others and which, by sales and other taxes, adds to the state tax income. The uncounted millions of dollars sent to Mexico and elsewhere by illegal immigrants are drained from the already fragile economy and tax base of this state. Because of the demands of a massive illegal and largely non-English speaking population, school curricula have deteriorated in the most overwhelmed parts of California, to the extent that de-facto illiteracy in graduates is approaching a norm. These same stresses are also evident in welfare and medical assistance, where increasing demand exceeds our community ability to fund these services.

If the national conscience believes that illegals are entitled to all benefits of citizens merely by being here, the nation, not just the state, should fund these costs. As a nation we must realize we cannot continue to absorb and support the surplus peoples of a world whose population is expanding exponentially. Kenneth Brown, La Canada, Calif.

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