YELTSIN NAMES ECONOMIC REFORMER A leading reform economist has taken over a powerful position in the Russian government, declaring that his top priority is a no-nonsense budget that takes a tough approach on inflation. Anatoly Chubais, the only remaining member of Russia's original team of economic reformers, will be charged with steering Boris Yeltsin's austere 1995 budget through Russia's restive and disheartened parliament. By appointing Mr. Chubais deputy prime minister on Saturday, Mr. Yeltsin gave new weight to his pledge to pursue economic reform. Billions of dollars in international loans or credits that could make or break Russia's reforms hinge on the government sticking to a strict anti-inflation policy. Chubais's appointment is the latest move in a three-week government shake-up that started when the ruble crashed Oct. 11. Angola fighting goes on

Just days after initialing a peace accord with the UNITA rebel organization, government forces continued a massive offensive on the group's headquarters Saturday, prolonging Africa's longest civil war. The rebels have threatened to abandon the UN-negotiated accord unless the government forces withdraw. The two sides were set to sign the treaty in a formal ceremony Nov. 15.

Basketball across Pacific

Storms hit Italy, France

In northwestern Italy yesterday rains caused two buildings to collapse and knocked out a bridge. Towns across the Piedmont and Liguria regions were flooded and secondary highways and rail lines were cut. Heavy rains also caused flooding across southern France where several rivers were over their banks.

22 Cubans repatriated

A group of 22 Cuban refugees returned to their homeland Saturday, less than 24 hours after an appeals court lifted an order that had barred their return. The 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled Friday that Cuban refugees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in Panama can be returned to their homeland if they want to go back and have had the opportunity to speak to lawyers. The decision overturned a US district court order blocking the repatriations.

Shuttle monitor fails

Atmospheric scientists hold out little hope of reviving a failed ozone monitor aboard space shuttle Atlantis. The instrument, one of seven atmospheric and solar-energy detectors in the shuttle cargo bay, apparently suffered a computer breakdown and has not collected data since Friday. The other six instruments were reported to be performing well yesterday, as was a German satellite astronauts had dropped off two days earlier. Atlantis is scheduled to return home Nov. 14.

Friends rally to Reagan

Political friends and foes alike rallied around former President Ronald Reagan after he announced Saturday that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Mr. Reagan said he and his wife, Nancy, chose to go public to focus public attention on the condition.

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