New look, but still long lines

Regarding the article ``Efficient and Attractive: Believe it or Not, It's the US Post Office,'' Oct. 14th: I believe that it is unfortunate that a quasi-government monopoly feels that pouring more taxpayer dollars into new stores is the answer to its management problems. I use the main cental post office daily. Two years ago, it was refurbished, but that has not had the impact that the article suggests. There are many times when a line of 20 customers forms with only one clerk to assist. There is no excuse for this kind of management. It is obvious from the growth of private postal service centers that entrepreneurs are willing to make this commitment to service without the taxpayers having to foot the bill. I hope that in future articles The Christian Science Monitor will take a closer look at the lack of financial accountability the United States Post Office has enjoyed for too long. Gordon Steen, Owings Mills, Md.

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