Respecting Islam's traditions

It really felt like a breath of fresh air reading something about Islam and Muslim women that did not contain a fear of radicals taking over all the controls or the human rights of women being taken away (``The Whimsy of the Wind,'' Oct. 20). While it is true that in a lot of traditional societies women have lost some of their social freedom because the people in charge abuse their power, true Islam believes in equality between men and women.

Certain traditions and customs have grown in many societies with the influence of religion as well as other factors like weather and geography. Wearing a chador or a robe is such a tradition that fulfills the religious requirement of dressing modestly. It is nice to see a little respect shown to these traditions rather than an attempt to judge them by one's own standard. Beyond all the fearful headlines that Islam makes nowadays, a beautiful culture exists. There is still the whimsical wind that blows the robe of a lady for a brief second. Life is still amusing. Junaid Ahmed, Bloomington, Ill.

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