A `Sensational' Spin on Austrian Elections

I would like to make two corrections to the editorial ``Austria for the Austrians,'' Oct. 13. First, the chairman of the Freedom Party, Jorg Haider, was not ``expelled by his colleagues from Austria's federal assembly in 1991.'' Rather, he had to resign as governor of the federal province of Carinthia, and has since been the floor leader of the Freedom Party in the Austrian Nationalrat (the first chamber).

Austrian Federal Chancellor Franz Vranitzky was not ``forced ... to resign and take a caretaker role until the new coalition is formed.'' Traditionally, every Austrian government has resigned immediately after the national elections. The swearing-in of a caretaker government after its resignation is even enshrined in our Constitution. The editorial gives this routine procedure sensational flavor that it does not deserve. Martin Eichtinger, Washington Embassy of Austria

Save Nigeria from its military

As a Nigerian professor more or less in exile because of the present chaos in my country, I was particularly elated by the Monitor's insightful comment on the world turning a blind eye on the most populous and economically viable country in Africa (editorial, ``Mandela, Si, Abacha, No,'' Oct. 6). It is unfortunate that the developed countries cannot see the danger of allowing the Nigerian military to start another round of colonization. I hope people will not forget the need to save Nigeria from its military. Jim Nesin Omatseye, Miami Florida International University

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