FINN `YES' PAVES WAY FOR SWEDEN, NORWAY Finns strongly supported joining the European Union in a crucial referendum that political leaders hope will help sway neighbors Sweden and Norway to follow suit. Fifty-seven percent of Finns voting said ``yes'' Sunday to the government's EU application. Leaders of Sweden and Norway hailed the results and predicted their voters also will approve membership next month. The Finnish referendum was nonbinding, and the parliament now must make a final decision. Most of the 200 legislators have said they will respect the referendum outcome. Voters in Sweden and Norway are reportedly more divided than voters in Finland, and Sweden's ballot on Nov. 13 and Norway's on Nov. 27 are expected to be quite close. Cuba captures seven exiles

Seven Cuban exiles who landed in their homeland in a motorboat and killed a fisherman were engaging in a ``blatant act of terrorism,'' Cuban officials say. The men, believed to be members of a Florida-based paramilitary group, were captured after a gunfight with authorities, the Cuban government said Sunday. They were believed to belong to a group known as PUND or the National Democratic Unity Party, the Miami Herald reported in yesterday's editions.

Deere offer rejected

United Auto Workers reported to work on schedule yesterday, a day after they overwhelmingly rejected a contract proposal from Deere & Co. that sharply reduced pay and benefits for new employees. Production lines were running normally at Deere's East Moline, Ill., plant, and spokesman Ron Sovey said the same was true companywide. More talks were scheduled.

Queen visits Russia

Queen Elizabeth II, with her husband, Prince Philip, Monday began the first visit to Russia by a British monarch. Both the queen and the prince are related to the imperial Romanov family of Czar Nicholas II.

Immigration ballot battle

Nearly 70,000 protesters marched on Los Angeles City Hall to denounce a California ballot measure that would ban illegal immigrants from receiving public health care and education. They said Proposition 187 was racist and anti-immigrant, making scapegoats out of undocumented schoolchildren and turning teachers and doctors into unwilling immigration agents.

`Chunnel' passengers

The Channel Tunnel will finally open for public rail services Nov. 14 at prices little cheaper than air travel, it was announced yesterday. The full opening to the public comes more than a year behind schedule. In the first phase, two trains in each direction would link Paris, London, and Brussels on weekdays and one Sundays. A Paris-London single ticket will cost $124, with a cheaper fare of $75 for passengers who book more than 14 days in advance.

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