Clinton: Haitians To Nourish Democracy

IN the afterglow of a rare foreign policy success, President Clinton is warning that Haiti can still squander its second chance at democracy. Mr. Clinton said Sunday the United States stands ready to help Haiti form a democratic society and reform its troubled economy.

On the economic front, the US and other donors have pledged more than $550 million for humanitarian relief and economic development and a $78 million debt-relief plan for Haiti, Clinton said.

Secretary of State Warren Christopher said the administration, which sent 20,000 troops to Haiti, still plans to turn over security functions to a UN peacekeeping force early next year, following parliamentary elections in December.

US cuts handouts

FOOD pantries in the United States are worried about closing their doors to hungry Americans this winter as Washington cuts the amount of food it provides to them.

In a money-saving move by the Clinton administration, the Agriculture Department will spend just $25 million this fiscal year to supply food banks and other programs for the poor with flour, corn meal, canned vegetables, fruits and meats.

Last year, USDA distributed $80 million in commodities.

Food bank directors say they cannot expect the private sector to make up for the loss in commodities.

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