Congress Democrats Eye CIA In Haiti

NOW that Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been restored as president of Haiti, some members of Congress say it's time to review the Central Intelligence Agency's role in the Caribbean country.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says the CIA made a big mistake in arguing that US intervention wouldn't work.

Senator Harkin says the intelligence agency painted a picture of US troops being shot by Haitians, and intense riots protesting the US presence. Harkin says the actual experience has been the opposite. Also being questioned are news reports that a leader of a violent anti-Aristide paramilitary group was a paid CIA informant.

Clinton stumps In Florida

PRESIDENT and Mrs. Clinton are in Miami to campaign for Democrats, but the reception in Florida has been decidedly mixed.

The restoration of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has made Mr. Clinton a hero in the Haitian American community.

But Cuban Americans are protesting the president's policy on Cuba.

The presidential motorcade was diverted from a highway lined with hundreds of angry Cubans. Many of them carried signs, some of them demanding Clinton use troops to overthrow Fidel Castro the way he drove out Haiti's military leaders.

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