SERBS HALT UN CONVOYS Bosnian Serbs halted the first four UN convoys that tried to move through their territory yesterday despite an agreement the previous day ensuring their safe passage after a 10-day blockade, UN officials said. ``Two of the convoys are stopped in Srebrenica and two at Sierra 1 [a Bosnian Serb checkpoint] outside Sarajevo,'' Claire Grimes, a UN spokeswoman in Sarajevo, said. ``The feeling is it's Sunday morning and the orders haven't gone down the line yet, so we're going to give it some more time.'' Rebel Serb authorities announced on Saturday they had reached agreement with UN officials to permit freedom of movement of UN convoys through Serb-held territory in Bosnia. All convoy movements had been halted on Sept. 22 after the UN called in a NATO airstrike against a rebel Serb tank outside Sarajevo. Pro-hockey rinks silent

A labor dispute kept hockey arenas across the United States and Canada dark Saturday on what was supposed to be opening night for the North American National Hockey League season. Commissioner Gary Bettman has delayed the start of the season until Oct. 15 to give players and owners time to work out a deal. The main points of disagreement are revenue -sharing to help small-market teams, a salary cap for rookies, salary arbitration, and free agency.

Carter accepts award

Former President Jimmy Carter said Saturday that recent tensions between himself and the Clinton administration stemmed from ``miscommunications, most of which were my fault.''

Mr. Carter's comment came in Washington after the former president, who won attention this year with missions to resolve US disputes with Haiti and North Korea, accepted a $50,000 Fulbright Association award for a ``substantial contribution to breaking through the barriers which divide mankind.'' Endeavour circles Earth

Endeavour's 10-day Earth-mapping mission couldn't have come at a better time for scientists studying volcanoes. Since Friday's launch, the powerful radar filling the shuttle cargo bay has gathered 3-D images of an erupting volcano in Russia's Far East, Hawaiian volcanoes, and Washington's dormant Mt. Ranier. The eruption of the Russian Klyuchevsky volcano began shortly after the shuttle began its Earth-mapping voyage. The radar is expected to scan nearly 600 sites before the mission ends Oct. 10.

GM strike settled

Striking autoworkers, who said they were forced to build too many cars with too few people, voted overwhelmingly Saturday to end their walkout in exchange for a General Motors promise to hire new workers. The 11,500 workers who walked out Tuesday build GM cars, but they also make transmission and suspension parts used in most GM vehicles. The shutdown at the Flint, Mich., plant threatened to halt operations nationwide.

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