ELECTION TOPPLES DANISH GOVERNMENT The coalition of Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen fell after failing to win a majority in Wednesday's national elections, and the Social Democratic prime minister resigned to try to assemble a new government. The change of government was not likely to affect domestic or foreign issues, since Danish politics traditionally have been ruled by consensus, political analysts said. Mr. Nyrup Rasmussen, who will continue as head of a caretaker government, was expected to be the first asked to form a new Cabinet. Campaigning had been lackluster compared with the hard debate over the economy and the European Union in the past. Nyrup Rasmussen's coalition won 43.8 percent of the votes. That gave it 75 seats in the 179-seat assembly, far below its current 89 seats. Seoul promises reactors

South Korea has confirmed to the United States its earlier promise to provide rival North Korea with multibillion-dollar nuclear reactors, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday. But a spokesman said the South Korean pledge will be effective only when the Communist North clears up suspicions about its nuclear program and accepts South Korean-made reactors.

`Missing link'?

A missing link between apes and humans found in an Ethiopian riverbed confirms predictions of what humanity's ancestors may have looked like, anthropologists said yesterday. But scientists said they needed to see more of the fossil remains before they can tell if it was indeed man's earliest ancestor, or an early chimpanzee. Scientists working near Aramis in Ethiopia reported they had discovered the fossils dating from nearly 4.5 million years ago.

Irish Protestants in D.C.

Vice President Al Gore Jr. and other top US officials were to meet yesterday with Protestant leaders from Northern Ireland, the White House said. The discussions, aimed at encouraging the movement toward peace in the British province, were to be chaired by White House National Security Adviser Anthony Lake.

Pope cancels US trip

Pope John Paul II has called off his trip to the United States next month for health reasons, the Vatican said yesterday. He was due to leave Oct. 20 for a visit to the United Nations in New York; Yonkers, N.Y.; Newark, N.J.; and Baltimore.

Disney wins a round

County planners in Virginia voted Wednesday night to support Walt Disney Company's proposed theme park. Next, the Prince William County board of supervisors will consider the project. Disney seeks a wide range of zoning changes to build the $650 million American history-based park near Haymarket, Va., southwest of Washington.

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