DEBATE HEATS OVER HAITI INVASION As the Pentagon readied two US aircraft carriers for potential troop-hauling duty off Haiti, Republican objections to an invasion escalated, with Sen. Dan Coats (R) of Indiana demanding an end to ``gunboat liberalism.'' Leading Republicans deny there is a national-security interest in Haiti and want the issue debated in Congress on constitutional grounds. Secretary of State State Warren Christopher said domestic divisions will only encourage Haitian military leaders to hang on to power. Vatican gives in a bit

The Vatican Sept. 13 endorsed parts of a landmark United Nations declaration on population but rejected some language and concepts on abortion and sexual values it did not condone. Muslim nations also rejected parts of the document. At the closing session of the UN population conference in Cairo, delegates were set to approve the 20-year ``Programme of Action'' aimed at controlling the world's burgeoning population, stimulating economic development, and empowering women.

Black district rejected

A US federal appeals panel in Atlanta has put the November election on hold in a black-majority congressional district that it deemed unconstitutional. The panel ruled 2 to 1 on Sept. 12 that state lawmakers went too far in packing the 11th District with black voters. The judges said they would redraw the boundaries themselves. The ruling could affect elections in as many as six adjacent congressional districts.

Crimean dispute cooled

The president of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula backed down in a struggle with his parliament Sept. 13, lifting a blockade of the assembly two days after proclaiming personal rule over the region. Parliamentary leaders immediately began a session on the region's catastrophic economic situation after President Yuri Meshkov's guards allowed free access to the building.

Peru's presidential feud

The estranged wife of President Alberto Fujimori, trying to prevent the Peruvian leader from winning reelection, announced she is running against him herself. Charging her husband's administration with corruption, Susana Higuchi announced her candidacy on Sept. 12. She said a new law barring the president's relatives from seeking national office would not stop her. On Aug. 23, President Fujimori accused his wife of being unstable and said he was removing her from the position of first lady.

Warner films to China

In a first for a US motion picture company, Warner Brothers has made a deal to distribute films in China. Warner and China's sole film agency will jointly select the films to be shown there.

Russian spacewalk

Two cosmonauts worked outside the orbiting space station Mir Sept. 13 for five hours to help clear the way for two new scientific modules and prepare for next year's docking of a United States space shuttle.

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