Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

Now that ``communism'' is mostly dead, why are we still so worried about Castro's tiny Cuba? Our refugee problem with Cuba seems due in large part to the economic embargoes we inflict upon it, aimed at its leaderships, but striking the poorest of the poor instead. We helped make Cubans' homeland economically uninhabitable, and they, in desperation, reluctantly choose to leave their beloved native land.

Why not lift the embargo and help them to live where they are even if Castro gets some of the credit? Their economy won't really thrive until they get with the market principles, and they can't likely do that without first freeing up their politics. But at least they will be able to survive in their homeland, not impelled to migrate elsewhere.

Let's help Cuba be for the Cubans - it's their home. Carl Baumann, Oswego, N.Y.

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