Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

I arrived in Miami in March of 1959 after having fled Cuba. It was rare to find a person that spoke Spanish then, and our contacts were with other recent arrivals.

To call the present problem an immigration problem is ludicrous, as it is a continuing refugee problem. If President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno want to call it an immigration problem, so be it. But the fact remains that the only Cuban that has to leave Cuba in order to solve the situation is Castro, and the more pressure that can be put on his regime, the sooner these problems will come to an end.

Economically Cuba will flourish, once the know-how and the capital that is sitting in Miami can come back home. We are near the end of this nightmare and all that we ask for is a little more time and understanding. Once Fidel is gone, no more rafts and no more refugees. Alberto Salas, North Hollywood, Calif.

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