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The article ''Consensus Emerges on Need to Slow Population Growth,'' Aug. 31, states: ''Over a third of adolescent girls worldwide will bear children before reaching the age of 20.'' The article continues to say that we should provide birth-control services worldwide, even in the face of religious and cultural opposition. Is that anything less than attempting to export our failed sexual revolution abroad?

Providing massive contraceptives to teenagers in the US has done anything but reduce teen pregnancy. Rather, it has been much more successful in raising the demand for abortion and the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases to near-epidemic levels.

Are the ''religious and cultural opposition'' really so backward in not wanting to import such foolishness? Our 20-year experiment has been a miserable and tragic failure. If we as a nation had the guts to take a hard look at the fruition of the sexual revolution, we wouldn't be so eager to foment similar revolts elsewhere.

Cory Trenda Ontario, Calif.

Chairman of the Board

Alternate Avenues Crisis Pregnancy Services

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