CLINTON URGES WORKER-BOSS PARTNERSHIP President Clinton used a shipyard in Maine as a Labor Day symbol of how American bosses and workers are ``unstoppable'' when they pull together. Carving out several hours from his summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard off Massachusetts, Mr. Clinton yesterday visited the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. The shipyard is the largest employer in the state, and Clinton is holding it out as an example of what can happen when cooperation becomes the watchword of the workplace. A majority of the 5,300 members of the local chapter of the International Machinists Union had ratified a contract that creates a new ``team'' approach to shipbuilding. Workers and managers will share the responsibility for major decisions about the company's future. Nigerian oil strike ends

Thousands of oil workers ended a devastating two-month strike yesterday, hours before union leaders were to meet to discuss suspending the protest for lack of public support. The collapse of the strike was a victory for Gen. Sani Abacha's military regime and its hard-line tactics. Oil sales provide 90 percent of Nigeria's export revenues. Chechen rebels battle

Russian news agencies yesterday reported renewed fighting in the breakaway Chechnya region between troops loyal to its leader Dzhokhar Dudayev and opposition forces backed by the Kremlin. Mr. Dudayev, a retired Soviet air force general, declared the tiny north Caucasus republic independent from Russia in 1991. Sarajevo squeezed

Muslim-led Bosnian government forces were reported to be on the retreat in the face of a strong attack by Serbs near Sarajevo in violation of a United Nations imposed arms-free zone around the capital. United Nations officers said Sunday Bosnian Serbs had tightened their grip on Sarajevo in the past two weeks. Swissair flies to Beirut

Encouraged by improved security, Swissair resumed flights to Beirut International Airport on Sunday for the first time in 11 years. With Swissair's return, 21 foreign airlines now serve Beirut, and British Airways has announced that it will begin service on Dec. 5. Switzerland's flag carrier suspended flights to Beirut at the height of the 15-year civil war, which made the Lebanese capital a haven for kidnappers, hijackers, and bombers. Teen felons banished

The tribal court of the Tlingit Indians ordered Adrian Guthrie and Simon Roberts banished to separate islands for 12 to 18 months following a two-day hearing that ended Friday in Klawock, Alaska. The young Indian pair admitted robbing and beating an Everett, Wash., pizza deliveryman. The case is the first in which a state court referred criminals to an American Indian tribal court for punishment.

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