`Comfort Women' Demand Money

DOZENS of Filipino former ``comfort women,'' some in tears and screaming with anger, demanded $200,000 each in compensation from Japan yesterday on the eve of a three-day visit by Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama.

The women, in a rally outside the Japanese Embassy in Manila, rejected a reported plan by Japan to set up job- training programs for Asian women to show remorse for Japanese soldiers using Filipino women as sex slaves during World War II.

US, South Korea War Games

South Korean and US forces, including the Seventh Fleet, yesterday began war games that North Korea said are designed to prevent a breakthrough in talks with the US.

A South Korean defense ministry spokesman said the Seventh Fleet would take part in the computerized military exercises for the first time to test its operational control of the South Korean Navy during a war. ``South Korea and the United States have agreed to appoint the commander of the Seventh Fleet as the commander of the Naval component of the joint US-South Korean forces at the time of war,'' he said.

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