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* ANDRE - A girl and her seal. Both are adorable, and Keith Carradine isn't far behind as the loving dad who risks his harbormaster career by keeping Andre in captivity for his own good. It's corny stuff, but very young audiences should enjoy it. George Miller directed Dana Baratta's screenplay, based on real events in New England some years ago. (Rated PG) * CAFE AU LAIT - Mischievous, multicultural, marvelous. This spirited French comedy centers on a black woman who's not sure which boyfriend fathered her soon-expected baby. One candidate is a well-heeled black African with family connections in high places; the other is a white Jewish worker with a nerdy streak. Both adore their mutual girlfriend, and agree to support her in a three-way relationship based on platonic respect. But there's every chance the guys' rivalry will sink this idealistic arrangement before it gets very far. Blending rambunctious comedy with serious ideas about the challenges and rewards of racial-cultural mixing, the picture has been directed with nonstop energy by first-time filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz, who also plays the Jewish member of the threesome. A striking debut by a richly promising talent. (Not rated) * COLOR OF NIGHT - You thought brawny Bruce Willis couldn't play a brainy psychologist? You were right. Or maybe it's the idiocy of the movie surrounding him that sinks his performance long before the halfway mark. His character is a traumatized ``shrink'' tracking down the killer of his closest colleague, and each plot twist is goofier than the last. Searching frantically for a selling point, the filmmakers punch up the picture with over-the-top sex and violence, but audiences will notice the howlers in the dialogue more than the horrors in the plot. Ruben Blades does here what Tom Arnold does for ``True Lies,'' injecting a cynical humor that almost makes the mess worth watching. Richard Rush directed. (Rated R)

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