* Money. Austrians oppose currency inflation and support a return to the gold standard.

* Banking. The central bank, by manipulating interest rates, creates an artificial investment environment. There should be no central bank, and interest rates should fluctuate freely in the market.

* Privatization. Austrians support the privatization of most government functions - from the Postal Service to roads and bridges. Some even feel the courts system and national defense should be privatized.

* Immigration. Austrians are split on this issue. Ideally, the flow of migrant labor should be free and unrestricted. However, some say immigration can disrupt the market system and social cohesiveness. These Austrians oppose, for example, bilingual education in America, and favor restrictions on immigration.

* Anti-trust laws. Austrians oppose anti-trust laws, asking why a firm should be punished for performing better than its competitors.

* Trade. It shouldn't be any harder to trade with Mexico than with California, Austrians say. They oppose quotas and tariffs.

* Mandated health care. Austrians attribute any current failure in health care to existing government programs. Further government intervention will only decrease quality of care.

* Labor. An employer should be able to hire freely and have the right to discriminate in the hiring process, Austrians hold.

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