Perry Trip Marks Increased U.S. Effort in Rwanda US Defense Secretary William Perry yesterday inspected a US military operation to help millions of Rwandan refugees and prepared for an airlift into Kigali. Up to 4,000 US soldiers, along with 5,000 peacekeepers from other countries, may be needed for the relief effort. The cholera epidemic is being brought under control, but riots have broken out in Goma, Zaire, where refugee camps are located. The first of 30 US soldiers arrived Saturday in Kigali to open the airport. About 100 more will be on the ground to meet 25 to 30 flights a day that would more than double the relief flow. About 440 Canadian and 550 British troops will fly into Kigali this week. Washington recognized the new government of Pasteur Bizimungu of the primarily Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front on Saturday, the day he ended talks with neighboring leaders aimed at obtaining support. Russia to dismantle reactor

Russia pledged on Saturday to dismantle a nuclear reactor at an Estonian naval base under an agreement that resolves one of the most contentious issues between Moscow and the Baltic state. Following talks last week between Russia and Estonia, Russia said it would withdraw its remaining 1,600 troops from Estonia by Aug. 31. Human rights violations

Leaders of Russia's breakaway Chechnya region have beheaded opponents and displayed their heads in public, a Moscow official alleged Saturday. On Friday, the Russian government accused Gen. Dzhokhar Dudayev of generating crime and destabilizing the region. A government statement effectively called on the Chechen people to topple General Dudayev. Somalis attack troops

Militia loyal to Somali faction leader Mohamed Farah Aideed attacked and disarmed Zimbabwean UN peacekeepers stationed in Belet Huen, a UN military spokesman said Saturday. Skirmishes began Friday. Jefferson portrait stolen

The earliest known life portrait of Thomas Jefferson was stolen from a Boston studio, police said Friday. The 1786 painting had been insured for $500,000 by owner Charles Francis Adams, a descendant of President John Adams. Thieves broke into an unguarded, unalarmed safe of the Polaroid Corporation's Museum Replicas division. Baseball players to strike

The Major League Players Association said Thursday its members would strike Aug. 12 if issues are not resolved in their proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement by that date. High court confirms Breyer

Boston federal appeals court Judge Stephen Breyer won Senate approval on Friday to become a Supreme Court justice by a vote of 87 to 9. He is to be sworn this week.

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