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* BLOWN AWAY - Irish terrorist blitzes Boston bomb squad. Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones are two of the most engaging actors around, and some scenes have a self-satirical edge that bring welcome relief from the glowering melodramatics that dominate much of the action. The dialogue is downright laughable in spots, though, and the filmmaking is so mechanical that it's hard to get emotionally involved with anything except the ever-more-complicated explosions that pepper the plot at regular intervals. Stephen Hopkins directed. (Rated R)

* THE CONFORMIST Reissue of the 1969 drama that consolidated Bernardo Bertolucci's reputation as one of Italy's most thoughtful and innovative young directors. The twin pillars of the movie are Vittorio Storaro's dazzlingly expressive cinematography and Jean-Louis Trintignant's richly inventive performance. Trintignant portrays a man seeking to erase a painful past by casting off his individuality via the Fascist movement, which was gathering ominous momentum in Italian society of the late 1930s. Storaro has supervised restoration of the film to the form originally intended by Bertolucci, including an eloquent five-minute sequence omitted from the version previously shown in theaters. (Not rated) * WOODSTOCK, 3 DAYS OF PEACE AND MUSIC

Also lots of drugs, nude bathing, and enough split-screen effects to keep you blinking for another three days. Filmed at the 1969 hippie festival by Michael Wadleigh and a large camera crew, this 1970 documentary provides a colorful record of how the self-proclaimed Love Generation looked and sounded in its heyday. Much of the concert footage is surprisingly uninspired, though, even in this ``director's cut'' that restores about 40 minutes of material previously left on the cutting-room floor, including a long Janis Joplin segment. Only the pyrotechnics of Jimi Hendrix come close to setting the screen on fire. (Rated R)

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