FINANCIAL CRISIS HITS RUSSIA Thousands of investors camped outside Russia's largest investment company in Moscow and St. Petersburg yesterday, and many tried to dump their stock at almost any price. It was the worst private financial crisis in post-Soviet Russia and could shake the confidence of Russians in the fledgling market economy. The MMM company, which claims to have 10 million shareholders, closed all but one of its Moscow offices Tuesday amid panic selling. The crisis began when the government said it could not guarantee money invested in MMM or similar funds. Authorities have filed charges against MMM affiliates, alleging tax fraud and other violations. (story, Page 9) Tajikistan fighting

Islamic rebels killed 12 government soldiers and captured 10 more in one of the heaviest recent battles in the nation, the ITAR-Tass news agency said yesterday. The clash took place about 125 miles east of Dushanbe. Jewish targets bombed

A car bomb exploded yesterday outside offices of several Jewish groups and the Israeli Embassy in London, the second blast in 12 hours blamed on Muslim radicals bent on derailing Middle East peace. The attacks injured at least 19 people and seriously damaged the embassy and office building. Police promised protection to a hundred Jewish and Israeli facilities and regulated or banned parking outside them, after facing criticism for reacting slowly. Court throws out district

A federal court in Baton Rouge, La., imposed its own boundaries on the state's congressional districts, saying efforts to give blacks a fair voice was racial gerrymandering. The court rearranged the Z-shaped Fourth District, drawn up after the 1990 census to ensure that a second black congressman would be elected. (story, Page 2) More jobs for Army women

The Army is opening to women 32,000 jobs previously reserved for men, including posts in attack helicopters flying cover for tanks and in air-defense artillery battalions, Pentagon sources say. But women still will be barred from operating a key field artillery weapon known as the Multiple Launch Rocket System or from flying helicopters on special-operations stealth missions, sources said Tuesday. Poor drinking water

One in five Americans drinks water not adequately treated for toxic chemicals, bacteria, parasites, and other pollutants, the Natural Resources Defense Council said yesterday. In its report ``Think Before You Drink,'' it said its examination of compliance with federal standards shows that nearly 50 million people are drinking improperly treated water. The council maintained that water quality is deteriorating, and enforcement of standards is dropping. AT&T to invest overseas

AT&T Corporation said it joined about 30 international telecommunications carriers in signing a pact to invest in the first ``optical highway'' serving the Black Sea. The $155 million network will link Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia and is scheduled to begin service in 1996.

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